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Lishman’s Fine Ales: Fine british ales brewed in Grenoble

Welcome to Lishman's Fine Ales. Founded in 2016 by Ian Lishman, we offer you a range of hand crafted beers, made with carefully selected raw materials and using the traditional methods of infusion and natural fermentation. A secondary fermentation in the bottle ensures that our beers get better with keeping as the live yeast can keep on working for months, if not years.

Beer becomes officially recognised as part of French heritage

Since 2014, traditionally brewed beers have been recognised by decree as being part of the French heritage. Beer and the art and science of brewing are now officially acknowledged by the highest authorities alongside wine and the art of the winemaker.

For home brewers

In addition to our 1000 litre brewery, we also have a 25 litre Grainfather system. In my opinion, this is one of the best amateur systems available on the market. If you would like to brew your own beer on a top quality system, please contact me to fix an appointment and decide on recipe requirements.
We will soon be able to offer a range of brewing kits and equipment as an official distributor of Brouwland products.

About us

Find out more about Lishman's beer: who makes them, how and where. Discover the meaning of the brewery's logo.
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Our beers

Have a little taste of our exceptional selection of beers, made with traditional ingredients that make our beers high quality and unique.
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Points of sale

Lishman's useful adresses and other info.
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